Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rylstim Screen Recorder, recording screencasts of your desktop with this lightweight software for Windows

The screencasts, video recordings of our activity on the screen, are very useful when we want to create a video tutorial, visually explain to a friend is used as an application or how it is configured, and for many other tasks. There are many commercial and free alternatives for recording screencasts, and now I present Rylstim Screen Recorder.
The main features of this app compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system, are that it is very light and easy to use, almost child's play. Available with installer or portable version, to run from any folder or external storage device.
With Screen Recorder Rylstim we can record our screen activity and save the resulting video in AVI format. It allows us to select the recording codec, if we want the mouse clicks and the frame rate display. To start recording click on the "Start Record" button to stop and press the F9 key.

NOTE: This recorder does not support recording any audio.

link:  Rylstim Screen Recorder
via: softandapp

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