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Ideas for starting a green business

More and more people are aware of the importance of protecting the environment to stop the advent of future natural disasters. Learn how to care for our planet by creating your own business.
The news about climate change and global warming invade daily newspapers and newscasts. Fortunately, more and more companies have joined the crusade of caring for our natural resources to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of our planet. If you've thought about becoming an entrepreneur future, we present 4 Ideas for mounting a green business published by the portal
1.Manufacture and selling biodegradable bags. More and more supermarkets and shops of all kinds are replacing traditional plastic bags of polyurethane for biodegradable bags. A good idea to start a green business is to manufacture this type of packaging for small businesses in your area and help to improve their image among buyers. If you can not get the technology to manufacture them, you can become a dealer.
2.Sale of organic products. There are countless products friendly to the environment you can dedicate yourself to sell. Perform a market survey to know what are the preferences of your potential customers in this area. Products can be cleaning, decoration, toys, office supplies, etc..
3.Recycling Company. Create a recycling company is a simple process that does not require too much infrastructure. In addition, you may in your city yet there is not much competition, so it is a good opportunity to start the business creating jobs and awareness among citizens.
4.Sell solar panels and alternative energy. The use of solar panels to heat water for large buildings and homes is becoming increasingly common. The manufacture and sale of alternative energy are businesses that are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years.

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How to make a screenshot in Windows 8

Make a screenshot in Windows has always been us something relatively difficult. Or install a dedicated application or use the Print Screen key (PrtScrn) and then open the Paint to paste and save it in the format you need. 
This is really uncomfortable for those who do tutorials often. In Windows 7 we can weather the storm using cut (very useful) tool. Now if anything has improved in Windows 8 (one of the few improvements we have seen) is how a screenshot is made. The truth is that it has taken him a few years to realize that they had to improve in this area.
In Windows 8 we only need to make a screenshot is the key combination: 
WIN (Windows key) + Print Screen (PrtScrn) 

When we press this combination the screen darkens in a matter of seconds and the screen shot sent to: User  / My Pictures / Screenshots. In this folder you'll find all the screenshot you've made.

These captures are saved in. PNG, named Screenshot (x), where x is the number of screenshots made​​.


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How to watch Youtube or Vimeo videos in slow motion or fast motion

To watch a Youtube video in slow motion or fast motion, you only have to adjust the speed of playback on the Youtube video player, and for this you have to go into Settings (gear icon), click Speed ​​(Speed​​) and change to 0.5 or 0.25. In case you want to see the video in fast motion, set the speed at 1.5 to 2.
If you do not get to have that option to adjust speed on the Youtube video player, you are probably using the Flash player which normally appears by default. To switch to HTML5 enter this link and click the Request button the HTML5 Player. Once you do that, you can set the speed of video playback.
Also, even with the HTML5 player, you can be in a video that can not set the speed, so that in these cases an alternative is to use the video player VLC Player.
To set the playback speed in the player, once you are running, choose File -> Open Stream. Include the URL of the video from Youtube or Vimeo and click the Open button. When play begins in the top bar of the player and select Playback option appears to them to adjust the speed of playback.
As you can see, it is not difficult. Also VLC Player, offers more control over the speed, which goes from 0.25 to 4.

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Half human, half machine: how we are useless without our gadgets?

If a machine you can do for you, you probably forget how do it yourself. While more intelligent are computers, more stupid seem to make us humans.
It's amazing how in a relatively short time we have become the most dependent generation of machines and less of their own senses and instincts. Currently me is almost impossible to remember how the hell could people be in a predetermined place and time before the existence cell phones, how did they know where to meet?. Do people were sought with cries?.
It's been just over 10 years since I had my first cell phone, before that memory when I had a paper planner where I kept the phone numbers of my friends and family, the funny thing is that I only had to "play "with it, because every time I bought a new I wrote all the numbers from my memory. At the moment I am unable to learn the new issue of my partner because I changed about 4 months ago.
We adapt both the amenities and facilities that provides the technology that we basically learn to defend ourselves and instead we merged with a device.
Clear signs that we depend too much on technology
People being thrown into the sea with his vehicle because the GPS told him to continue for 500 meters.
Nobody remembers a phone number, if you forget your smartphone gives you an anxiety attack that can reach the panic. If the Internet signal falls, the work is finished for the day, and your gadgets are basically expensive paperweight. You move to a new city, you spend 6 months and still do not remember any direction because that is Google Maps.
 "We have failed to learn how to defend ourselves to merge with a device."
It is a mystery why half of apocalyptic movies include zombies and half a technological blackout where all electronic die, disappear Internet and planes falling from the sky.
Some people fear that robots "future" start replacing human labor in the fields, but many humans are happy to let their machines do all the work for them, not realizing that the reason will be replaced is because we can not do anything. 
On a desert island with Kindle
We all love the comfort, technology in high doses makes us addicts. Honestly I do not like living in a world different from this, and imagine being stripped of all my electronic toys and constant connectivity generate me tremendous anxiety. What makes me think a little and think about the terrible situation he would find me if for some greater reason could not access them.
"An artificial brain that is only available if there is a power outlet and a WiFi connection."
In a desert island of a Kindle battery company give you a book for 4 or 5 days, then you only need the solitude of an apparatus with which you can not do a campfire.
Computers have become a sort of memory expansion of our brain, there is so much information available all the time in seconds that saturate us, that we do not retain knowledge for more than a few minutes or hours, because we know we are "saved in another hand ", always accessible from your artificial brain. An alternate mind that is only available if there is a power outlet and a WiFi connection.
Offline we are increasingly empty bags.
 Phrase: "Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners." Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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The natural medicine is a rip off

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Imagine for a moment you start to feel pain in your lower abdomen. For days, your gut has increased in size and frequently go to the bathroom. What is it? What's happening in your body? The answer should be in medicine (or natural medicine maybe?).
Instead, you decide to consult Google. Do not kid yourself, everyone you have ever done. You type symptoms and read pages of various kinds. Your face changes, a shiver runs down your back. Can it be cancer?

Palomaleca (Flickr)
Now, you decide to turn off the computer and act like you should have done at first: going to test doctor.After ultrasound, diagnostic approaches: large ovarian cyst. What to do? "Natural remedies without scientific evidence intended to mislead the patient to take money"
Chances are from here, ask our specialist decides blood tests and if necessary, perform surgery. Then analyze the cyst (a tumor that is often benign), and luckily, in a few months back home safely.
The reality is different. There are people using for-profit health very unethical, advertise on the internet the existence of "natural remedies" that can stop and cure these ovarian cysts. No blood tests. Without evidence. Without surgery. A simple chamomile tea could get.

Internet circulates in a highly publicized lovers natural medicine book. Written by Amanda Clark, the guide is reviewed in the network as "the work of miracles" to sell that ovarian cysts can be removed in only three steps. If we go to the Castilian edition, the author writes "pearls" as:

     Another area that should be incorporated in the diet immediately at the first signs of PCOS and ovarian cysts is chamomile tea. Chamomile is a small plant with yellow flowers of the sunflower family. Used medicinally for thousands of years to treat anxiety, infections and inflammations, is also used for its mild sedative effects.

So far, no why would alarm us too. At the end of the day, chamomile is consumed for its relaxing effects, and all we have ever taken this tea. But it works in the treatment of ovarian cysts? Clark, considered an expert in natural medicine, and defends its use:

     Chamomile tea offers excellent and immediate soothing effect when suffering from pain PCOS and ovarian cysts, and help your body and mind to relax. I have recommended these steps to use as a tool to manage your pain and discomfort now. Many of the women who are reading the book are now going through a period of pain now take these remedies, to find temporary relief, and continue reading to find the solution that will end with PCOS and ovarian cysts forever.

As read: chamomile tea is one of the remedies that can eliminate ovarian cysts. No blood. Without evidence. Without surgery. Really? The answer: absolutely not. That there are people of questionable ethics and no known health qualification practicing natural medicine is a complete aberration.
Clark Home remedies are varied, including household tips without any scientific evidence. According to the author of the book, reduce levels of sugar we eat, make a "liver cleansing" often or change the pH of our diet can help eliminate ovarian cysts. Or rather, as naturopathic own, these tips can "give your body the conditions need to defeat cysts permanently" says.

401(K)2012 (Flickr)
A cyst, like any type of tumor, must be used by physicians, to know if you have malignant cells. In that case, the patient should undergo further treatments (such as chemotherapy), after going under the knife. Sell ​​smoke with chamomile tea and miracle cures is a genuine outrage. "Let us advise the pseudomedicina can cost us very expensive"
If the problem goes beyond a common benign cyst, infusions of chamomile Clark specialist will avail nothing. Moreover, you would put your life in danger. And even if benign, the tumor can suffer major complications (rupture, torsion), which can seriously affect our health.

I'm not saying that everything natural is bad. In fact, many drugs we use today have their origin in chemical compounds produced by plants. What is horrible is to take advantage of the illness of a person without any scruples, jeopardizing their health. Never doubt forget natural medicine and go to hospital if you have a problem.

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Tips to avoid a kidnapping

  • Because the overall situation in the country is quite insecure. I share some basic measures to prevent hijacking.
  •      One of the most important things is to stay alert, be careful and be cautious.
  •      Remember that your welfare depends on what you and your family do or not do.
  •      One of the important points is not giving out personal information to strangers. For example on our activities or statements of the bank.
  •      Having a mailbox to receive mail and not let the reach of strangers. 
  • We must avoid the presumption being ostentatious or ..
  • When you leave the house or even your family members should always notify the exact place where they go and leave a phone number to find them if necessary. If the name of the person you're to interview is possible. And let this estimate it took to get to the place that address the time
  • At the time of Facebook dating if not personally know your friend go together to your first appointment as a public place. If that person tries to convince you go somewhere else but Refuse till thou know the person you're trying.
  • Put nicknames that you recognize numbers stored on your phone, do not put mom, dad, or proper names. And if you take photos of your work or family with your phone not store on your device, download them to your PC when you can.
  • You must have a phone book with numbers and home addresses of friends and family. In addition to emergency numbers.
  • Something very advisable to have fingerprints and recent pictures of our close relatives along with important documents
  • Although it sounds exaggerated can create a secret key that when we talk to someone in our family knows that we are in danger, if this can not speak clearly.
  • When you enter and go out (look out before going outside) your house look good if you notice something strange for example cars or persons unknown to last long doing nothing. And try to notify the police is better to prevent. It may be the case of criminals disguised as merchants, mobile workers or bricklayers, etc..
  •  If you walk a lot try not to do it near your home or work. And change your travels, try not to go through, poorly lit places alone and if early or too late to do it together .
  • If you arrive by car home before downloading and opening your garage check your surroundings for suspicious behavior if you notice something strange síguete long and notifies your friends and the police.
  • At night check out the inside of your car before getting and using a flashlight. Especially the back seat.
  • There're a lot of time in cars outside your home nor would I allow your family.
  • Do not be routine in your daily tasks if you go shopping, to work, to a club, etc.. try to change your itinerary and do not follow a definite pattern. If possible, change the schedule for the same task daily. 
  • If you have household employees see as much as you can from them. Even the photos and records their addresses. 
  • Do not bring in your wallet pictures of your family, wife or children. 
  • If you suspect you are quite see stores and plates (registration) of the vehicle. Try turning suddenly to lose and if you see any police patrol immediately report your suspicions. 
  • When you're circulating about keeping windows closed and secure positions. 
  • If you have to park your car in a public place when you go to work is to choose different parking lots.
  • On the street at traffic lights do not lower the glass if a stranger calls you is better security that courtesy. 
  • Be careful with taxis, if you have to use it is best to call somewhere website to take anyone on the street. If you look anyway forced to use it, check the identification plate matches that have marked on the body. do not get on a taxi with two occupants, though they offer you a lower rate .. 
  • If you have to call threatening that your relative make time and try to locate it immediately. Do not give name or any other information. If sequestration occurs unfortunately it is best to tell the police. 
  • An important point is to put or not put up resistance, since not all kidnappers release their victims, but you have to decide before your possible actions to escape or evade. 
  • Feel free to comment if you have any ideas to improve more about these measures.

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iPhone to Android.

I’ve been aniPhone user for the last four years, having had both an iPhone 3Gs and 4S after several years as aBlackBerry user. All of those phones were company issued, but with my most recent job change, I had to purchase a phone and decided to give Android a spin around the block.
I’m sort of married to AT&T at the moment as both my son and wife’s phones are with them. AT&T’s current flagship Android phones are the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X. The specifications of the two devices are very similar with the SIII edging out the One X with more RAM, a removable battery and the ability to add a MicroSD card. Ultimately though, I settled on the One X as it was $100 cheaper, felt better constructed, I liked HTC’s interface and it was $100 cheaper.
I was initially put off by how large the phone is, but after a few hours of use, it feels just fine. By comparison, the iPhone’s screen now feels positively tiny. The One X is quite a bit more slim than the iPhone which makes up for the added dimensions elsewhere. It also feels much lighter.
Design wise, the One X is sleek. There are no physical buttons on the face, only the touch screen and three touch “buttons” at the bottom. The lack of the iPhone’s physical home button was initially hard to adjust to, but I no longer miss it. The only odd physical feature of the One X is the bulge on the back that houses the camera lens. I worried about scratching the lens when sitting the phone down, adding a case made me feel much better.
For most of us, the usefulness of a smartphone comes down to the availability of the apps that we use. I’ve had little or no problem finding what I need to accomplish the same tasks on Android that I did on the iPhone. Many applications that I use, like Evernote,DropBox, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. have versions made specifically for Android. For those that don’t have a direct counterpart, I was able to find suitable substitutes with relative ease. The Android app market has recently been bundled with Google’s music, movie and book sales sites under the Google Play name. Google does not adhere to the same ultra tight controls that Apple does when it comes to app developers, so there’s definitely some garbage apps out there. Make sure that you read reviews before you buy!
The ability to customize your experience is vast with Android. Don’t like the look of the SMS (texting) app? Download a different one. Don’t like the mail app? Same thing.
One feature that I enjoy with Android is the use of Widgets. Widgets are applications that are always running on the desktop of the phone. They can display live information like weather, your Twitter feed or Facebook timeline. Be careful though, running too many can sap your battery quickly!
I am a bit disappointed in the battery life on the One X. I ended up purchasing JuiceDefender to help manage battery usage. It does this by turning your radios off while the screen is off in order to save battery life. When the screen turns itself off, the app turns wifi, bluetooth and mobile data off. You can still receive phone calls and texts and the app will turn data on at set intervals to check for email and other internet based communications.
One thing that Apple has done well that Android hasn’t quite nailed yet is the way that they manage music. Much of the technology in iPhones is shared with the iPod products, and it’s hard to deny that iPods dominate the music player market. Syncing music to and from an Android phone and playing that music is a bit clumsier and less refined than with an iOS device. It’s not horrible, just not as intuitive.
All in all, I feel that it comes down to personal taste. By controlling both the hardware and software, Apple has always been known for products that just work and that’s true with the iPhone, it works and works well. That reliability sometimes comes at the cost of limiting what can be done with the device. Android is far more open and customizable, but that can carry the price of being a bit unpredictable. Apple can be slow to introduce the latest features like LTE, Near Field Communications (NFC), etc. while the flagship Android phones usually have more up to date hardware goodies.
I’m happy with my decision to switch. I still have iOS devices to play with, so this won’t be my last post about Apple.
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The Iphone 5, a taller change

Funny video about the new wonder of the apple company, the marvelous iphone Five smartpohe the most evolved mobile phones so far. It's in English but it is not necessary to know the language as it is for else illustrative. This video is proven that size is not the most important.

I hope this makes them laugh like me.

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Guide to download unofficial Flappy Bird

Although it was a pretty successful game Vietnamese Dong Nguyen could not take it and decided to remove it from the app store by the fact that not stand creating addiction in players. So officially the only game players can use it to have it installed but for all solution exists, and have published several methods to get  according to device has.

With Android models:

For appliances with Android system there is a very easy solution because it is only necessary to enable the apparatus to the option of lowering applications from non-official sites. Some cloned the game when it was announced that it would be withdrawn by its creator for what it is possible to find it on the web at APK format. And I leave this place with a game to download.
Business Insider has a copy of the game.

With Apple models:
For these devices the solution is a bit difficult and may void the warranty of the device. You have to make the commonly called "jailbreak" is released and with this set you can any application even if not authorized by Apple. But there is a possibility that is not installed well and the device does not work, besides that is void warranty. Also this one small chance that if you deleted the game is still on iCloud so you can go to applications purchased from the Apple Store and download it from there.

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Anki is a free program that helps you memorize all kinds of teaching materials, vocabulary from other languages ​​to mathematical formulas. To do this, Anki uses tabs that can contain text, images and sounds.
Organized into bundles, the tabs are displayed one by one. After seeing the response to an item, you must assess the quality of your answer before you can move, in this way, Anki mix tabs to appear less easy and difficult go more often.
The integrated editor, designing new decks for Anki is quite simple, but even simpler is to download one of the many bundles shared by the community. As online synchronization allows use your results on multiple computers.
By number of options offered statistics and cleanliness in the design, Anki is one of the best programs of its kind. Your memorization system is ideal for many types of content. Currently is in English.

How to prevent splashing soda after shaking

Many times have we lost since opening a can of soda that has been dropped or has been shaken by some joker behind us. Well there is a simple trick to avoid these violent splashing: give some finishing touches with finger on the edge of the can. We explain why this simple solution works.
Carbonated water, also known as soda, is water containing carbonic acid (H2CO3) which, being unstable, is easily decomposed into water and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is in the form of bubbles as the beverage is depressurized.

If the can vigorously move, what we are doing is introducing a lot of high pressure bubbles inside the liquid and dissolved gas can vaporize more easily joining these new bubbles.
It is these bubbles arising from the agitation which offer a fast escape route for the gas, which tend to rise upwards to leave the liquid is entrapped by the top of the container.
However, other than these bubbles are anchored around the can and, more importantly, below the liquid surface, since the energy needed for these bubbles are formed is lower in the walls of the can.
In short, if we shake a lot of bubbles on the walls of the can are at very high pressure.
When you open and release pressure with these soft drinks are produced these bubbles expand and escape immediately, pushing their way in the liquid surrounding them, that shoots.
So the solution is as simple as ...
1: Wait for some time that these bubbles are re-dissolved in the liquid or ...
2: Give a little pat on the can with your fingers, around your outline to make those gas bubbles anchored abandon their position around the can.
No matter where the can touch, you can even make the top, as long as are given enough touches to release bubbles of the contours of the container to the top, to be the first to go after depressurization without pushing the liquid with them.
The force of touches? Should be gently, as if we do percussion sounds with our fingers, but not strong enough to shake the can and create more new bubbles.
We recommend to try this trick first in a transparent container (water with gas, for example) to make sure that the bubbles have left as many as possible in the outline of the package.
And always look away when done, the effect may vary by the type of beverage and concrete production, as some tend to foam bubbles on the surface and also carry some liquid coming out.

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It is the high class people more dishonest than the rest?

A number of studies show that high-class individuals are more prone to unethical behavior and that they are conditioned by greed .

The driver of a high end car is probably more dishonest than driving a utility .

All we had already suspected , but now when a number of studies have shown : the upper class is more prone to dishonest behavior .

This is something that almost realized at the time Paul Feldman. Feldman decided one day ( in the eighties ) leaving office analyst spending U.S. Navy to engage in the sale of donuts. Instead of using vending machines are dedicated to deliver trays of donuts along with a kind of piggy bank for various offices.

The idea was that people willingly and honestly deposit the cost of eating in the bank. The profit margin allowed a small margin of fraud that ultimately if it was not high posibilitaba keep the business (it was in the U.S. and no other country).

Wearing an exquisite accounting measure honesty that allowed organizations or even the country ( according to this measure the U.S. is honored by 87 % ) as a function of various parameters . Fraud depended , among other things, the holidays near , especially those with certain amount of stress.

Also the number of employees ( headcount greater higher percentage of fraud). But the funny thing is that fraud was inversely proportional to the income of their customers. Employees deceived unless their bosses.
Thus, in a plant where mainly executives had the degree of deception (donuts stolen) was much higher than that of the plant of the employees of the same company. Feldman attributed this behavior to the executives had excessively developed a sense of their privileges, but most likely it was precisely the be dishonest which led them precisely where they were.
Well, if the data vendor donuts seem lax , maybe we convince more "serious " investigation . Now, researchers at the University of Berkeley show that the honesty of the upper classes is rather scarce and do through no less than seven different studies. It's worth reading to the end to get a better idea of the human condition when it comes to upper classes. We may clarify many things.

According to Paul Piff dishonest increasing trends in upper class individuals is controlled in part by a favorable attitude toward greed . The research that has been done by his colleagues on the relationship between socio- economic class , antisocial or prosocial emotions and behaviors reveals new information about the differences of social class during these times of economic stress increases .

It sheds light on the role of inequality in shaping patterns of ethical conduct and selfish behavior, as well as indicating ways in which these patterns can be changed.

To investigate the ethical conduct of the upper class researchers made a first study in which the ethical track trends over 1000 individuals of low, medium and high class became .

These volunteers reported their social class using the MacArthur scale and filled in a survey that asked about their attitudes about unprincipled behavior and greed. They also participated in a task designed to measure your actual dishonest behavior .

In two field studies found that high-class motorists were 4-3 times more likely to perform maneuvers at the expense of the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. For example high-end vehicles ( with a supposed high class person driving ) gave way to pedestrians on fewer occasions than economy cars ( see video).

The reader may be familiar with this type behavior in their country by drivers of high-end ( would be interesting to do a similar study to test the influence of sociocultural country).

Another study found that upper-class participants who were presented with a scenario where there was a miss unscrupulous behavior were more likely than individuals of other classes to respond with the same kind of behavior.

In the fourth study, participants were asked individuals to perform certain tasks in a laboratory where there was a jar of sweets for children's visits. The upper class " had " twice the goodies that of the other classes .

In the fifth study, participants were assigned the role of an employer who had to negotiate a wage with a candidate for future work seeking a long-term employment . Among other things they were told that the job would be eliminated early and they were free to transmit this information to the candidate. The upper-class individuals were more likely to not report on this point candidates .

In the sixth study participants took part in a computerized dice game in which each player could throw the dice five times and report the results. The player with the highest score received a cash prize . The players did not know that the game was rigged and that no player could get more than 12 points for the five runs.

Well, again, upper class participants were more likely to say they had received a much higher score than those 12 points , indicating a high rate of fraud.

In the latest study found that greedy attitudes were the most significant predictor of dishonest behavior . Participants were prepared to think about the advantages of greed and then were presented with scenarios about bad behavior in the workplace , such as stealing money or accepting a bribe overcharging a client.

It turned out that participants who did not even belong to the upper class were willing to embrace behaviors of the upper class if they are conditioned or prepared on the benefits of greed.

According Piff , these findings have clear implications for how increased wealth and status in society make dishonest behavior patterns , and suggests that different social values ​​about what you have or do not have help drive these trends .

 A model that considers cooperation as emergent property , suggests that under certain conditions, the dishonest behavior of some individuals can improve society.

Can we believe that moral laws are imposed by divine design or think that if a fact be a natural product of socio- biological evolution and that can be studied scientifically. After all, a company formed by an intelligent species that do not develop minimum standards of behavior is doomed to failure and demise.

Not so long ago we published on this website an article about two recent results on how to sustain cooperation in human societies and prevent proliferation of exploited people. Although two experimental cases was also mentioned in passing computer simulation models .

Well, if we're going to see now is just one of these computational models is based on Statistical Physics and rationality .

The big question is how the ethics or morality appear in a world where everyone just look for yourself . The results of this model the answer lies in how people interact with their nearest neighbors rather than in society as a whole.

The study was led by Dirk Helbing of ETH Zurich , and further suggests that , under certain conditions, the dishonest behavior of some individuals can improve society.

A common good such as natural resources or social benefits are often exhausted because the interest of each individual ignores the whole world or society.

Cooperative behavior can be forced by punishment , but requires time and effort from the others and it may no longer apply the corrective . Without corrective or opportunistic profiteers can to roam the detriment of everyone else and eventually deplete the common resource.

The question , again , is how cooperation appears . We have already seen how this website have been proposed indirect reciprocity , reputation , punishment or reward mechanisms that ensure the maintenance of cooperation. However, according to Helbing 's group , none of this is necessary for cooperation to flourish.

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers focused on the idea that individuals behave in a rational way based on how they do their neighbors , rather than how it does the entire population ( the latter possibility requires some good channels communication that allow punishment agreements , which need not be present ) .

This is where the ideas of statistical physics appear . Thus, the magnetism in the Ising model depends on the behavior of the spins and how they interact with the nearest neighbors , an idea that is often more realistic than the mean field approximations . Thus arises the macroscopic magnetic field of this interaction locally.

Other typical examples are schools of fish or flocks of birds, individuals whose only acting under fixed rules depending on what the neighbors. Thus an emergent property that was not present in the individual units appears . Social morality , according to this model would be an emergent property , an idea that is lost in other approaches to the problem.

The model is based on the theory of games and wins on a square lattice of points representing 10,000 individuals. Every individual can take one of four ( or states) possible strategies: cooperate without punishing freeloaders ( cooperative individuals ) , cooperate and punish ( moralistic individuals) be an advantage or be an opportunist and still punish others exploited ( hypocrites individuals ) or simply be an opportunist. Initially the four strategies are distributed randomly on the network and the system is allowed to evolve to see what long-term behavior prevails or you reach a stable situation.

The evolution of the system is influenced on three variables : the fines that penalize opportunistic , the cost of the administration of corrective and a " synergy factor " which provides improved much is the sum of the individual contributions to collective action.

The program chooses a random guy and calculates how much you can earn in relation to its four nearest neighbors given the strategies employed by each neighbor. This is then repeated for other neighbors repeatedly . The strategy employed by each individual is then modified in light of the success or failure of its neighbors , thus individuals can imitate those who do better than them.

After running the simulation for 10 million iterations under different parameters intriguing results were achieved. As expected , if the fine / cost and " synergy factor " reason were low then eventually all became selfish individuals exploited , as were most moralists if those values ​​were high enough.

However, it also found that most moralists could be even if the cost of administering punishment was high. This was because the process of imitation of the most overlooked benefits obtained soon led to aggregates or domains in which there were cooperative and moralistic in a sea of ​​opportunists. As moralists better utilized the cooperative at the end ended up dominating the system faced.

Perhaps most fascinating is a partnership between moralists and hypocrites were also found , as the hypocrites could coexist at the expense of both cooperative and exploited . This occurred when the cost of punishment is high, moderately high fines and synergy not particularly high . According to the authors this scenario is supported by the existence of hypocrites in the real world (although they call them "immoral ").

According to one researcher , the contribution of Statistical Physics this field may be the realization that a large number of players can result in a collective behavior that can not be obtained from the analysis of two-player games . Thus , computational models can be considered pre - experiments to help design sophisticated laboratory experiments.

The team is building a laboratory in which experiments possible game theory with 36 people , and enable them to verify the model predictions .

Herbert Gintis , Santa Fe Institute , and not involved in the study , believes the inclusion of these short-range interactions are important, but also should consider the genetic relationships of the people, because their behavior depends on whether you are trying or not a close relative.

The upside is that this model predicts that the fraction of individuals cooperating is greater than linear models , where the common good is proportional to the fraction of cooperating within the group.
Perhaps this explains why , despite everything , there are individuals who help others .

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