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The natural medicine is a rip off

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20 de febrero de 2014, 16:45

Imagine for a moment you start to feel pain in your lower abdomen. For days, your gut has increased in size and frequently go to the bathroom. What is it? What's happening in your body? The answer should be in medicine (or natural medicine maybe?).
Instead, you decide to consult Google. Do not kid yourself, everyone you have ever done. You type symptoms and read pages of various kinds. Your face changes, a shiver runs down your back. Can it be cancer?

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Now, you decide to turn off the computer and act like you should have done at first: going to test doctor.After ultrasound, diagnostic approaches: large ovarian cyst. What to do? "Natural remedies without scientific evidence intended to mislead the patient to take money"
Chances are from here, ask our specialist decides blood tests and if necessary, perform surgery. Then analyze the cyst (a tumor that is often benign), and luckily, in a few months back home safely.
The reality is different. There are people using for-profit health very unethical, advertise on the internet the existence of "natural remedies" that can stop and cure these ovarian cysts. No blood tests. Without evidence. Without surgery. A simple chamomile tea could get.

Internet circulates in a highly publicized lovers natural medicine book. Written by Amanda Clark, the guide is reviewed in the network as "the work of miracles" to sell that ovarian cysts can be removed in only three steps. If we go to the Castilian edition, the author writes "pearls" as:

     Another area that should be incorporated in the diet immediately at the first signs of PCOS and ovarian cysts is chamomile tea. Chamomile is a small plant with yellow flowers of the sunflower family. Used medicinally for thousands of years to treat anxiety, infections and inflammations, is also used for its mild sedative effects.

So far, no why would alarm us too. At the end of the day, chamomile is consumed for its relaxing effects, and all we have ever taken this tea. But it works in the treatment of ovarian cysts? Clark, considered an expert in natural medicine, and defends its use:

     Chamomile tea offers excellent and immediate soothing effect when suffering from pain PCOS and ovarian cysts, and help your body and mind to relax. I have recommended these steps to use as a tool to manage your pain and discomfort now. Many of the women who are reading the book are now going through a period of pain now take these remedies, to find temporary relief, and continue reading to find the solution that will end with PCOS and ovarian cysts forever.

As read: chamomile tea is one of the remedies that can eliminate ovarian cysts. No blood. Without evidence. Without surgery. Really? The answer: absolutely not. That there are people of questionable ethics and no known health qualification practicing natural medicine is a complete aberration.
Clark Home remedies are varied, including household tips without any scientific evidence. According to the author of the book, reduce levels of sugar we eat, make a "liver cleansing" often or change the pH of our diet can help eliminate ovarian cysts. Or rather, as naturopathic own, these tips can "give your body the conditions need to defeat cysts permanently" says.

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A cyst, like any type of tumor, must be used by physicians, to know if you have malignant cells. In that case, the patient should undergo further treatments (such as chemotherapy), after going under the knife. Sell ​​smoke with chamomile tea and miracle cures is a genuine outrage. "Let us advise the pseudomedicina can cost us very expensive"
If the problem goes beyond a common benign cyst, infusions of chamomile Clark specialist will avail nothing. Moreover, you would put your life in danger. And even if benign, the tumor can suffer major complications (rupture, torsion), which can seriously affect our health.

I'm not saying that everything natural is bad. In fact, many drugs we use today have their origin in chemical compounds produced by plants. What is horrible is to take advantage of the illness of a person without any scruples, jeopardizing their health. Never doubt forget natural medicine and go to hospital if you have a problem.

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