Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tips to avoid a kidnapping

  • Because the overall situation in the country is quite insecure. I share some basic measures to prevent hijacking.
  •      One of the most important things is to stay alert, be careful and be cautious.
  •      Remember that your welfare depends on what you and your family do or not do.
  •      One of the important points is not giving out personal information to strangers. For example on our activities or statements of the bank.
  •      Having a mailbox to receive mail and not let the reach of strangers. 
  • We must avoid the presumption being ostentatious or ..
  • When you leave the house or even your family members should always notify the exact place where they go and leave a phone number to find them if necessary. If the name of the person you're to interview is possible. And let this estimate it took to get to the place that address the time
  • At the time of Facebook dating if not personally know your friend go together to your first appointment as a public place. If that person tries to convince you go somewhere else but Refuse till thou know the person you're trying.
  • Put nicknames that you recognize numbers stored on your phone, do not put mom, dad, or proper names. And if you take photos of your work or family with your phone not store on your device, download them to your PC when you can.
  • You must have a phone book with numbers and home addresses of friends and family. In addition to emergency numbers.
  • Something very advisable to have fingerprints and recent pictures of our close relatives along with important documents
  • Although it sounds exaggerated can create a secret key that when we talk to someone in our family knows that we are in danger, if this can not speak clearly.
  • When you enter and go out (look out before going outside) your house look good if you notice something strange for example cars or persons unknown to last long doing nothing. And try to notify the police is better to prevent. It may be the case of criminals disguised as merchants, mobile workers or bricklayers, etc..
  •  If you walk a lot try not to do it near your home or work. And change your travels, try not to go through, poorly lit places alone and if early or too late to do it together .
  • If you arrive by car home before downloading and opening your garage check your surroundings for suspicious behavior if you notice something strange síguete long and notifies your friends and the police.
  • At night check out the inside of your car before getting and using a flashlight. Especially the back seat.
  • There're a lot of time in cars outside your home nor would I allow your family.
  • Do not be routine in your daily tasks if you go shopping, to work, to a club, etc.. try to change your itinerary and do not follow a definite pattern. If possible, change the schedule for the same task daily. 
  • If you have household employees see as much as you can from them. Even the photos and records their addresses. 
  • Do not bring in your wallet pictures of your family, wife or children. 
  • If you suspect you are quite see stores and plates (registration) of the vehicle. Try turning suddenly to lose and if you see any police patrol immediately report your suspicions. 
  • When you're circulating about keeping windows closed and secure positions. 
  • If you have to park your car in a public place when you go to work is to choose different parking lots.
  • On the street at traffic lights do not lower the glass if a stranger calls you is better security that courtesy. 
  • Be careful with taxis, if you have to use it is best to call somewhere website to take anyone on the street. If you look anyway forced to use it, check the identification plate matches that have marked on the body. do not get on a taxi with two occupants, though they offer you a lower rate .. 
  • If you have to call threatening that your relative make time and try to locate it immediately. Do not give name or any other information. If sequestration occurs unfortunately it is best to tell the police. 
  • An important point is to put or not put up resistance, since not all kidnappers release their victims, but you have to decide before your possible actions to escape or evade. 
  • Feel free to comment if you have any ideas to improve more about these measures.

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