Friday, February 28, 2014

How to make a screenshot in Windows 8

Make a screenshot in Windows has always been us something relatively difficult. Or install a dedicated application or use the Print Screen key (PrtScrn) and then open the Paint to paste and save it in the format you need. 
This is really uncomfortable for those who do tutorials often. In Windows 7 we can weather the storm using cut (very useful) tool. Now if anything has improved in Windows 8 (one of the few improvements we have seen) is how a screenshot is made. The truth is that it has taken him a few years to realize that they had to improve in this area.
In Windows 8 we only need to make a screenshot is the key combination: 
WIN (Windows key) + Print Screen (PrtScrn) 

When we press this combination the screen darkens in a matter of seconds and the screen shot sent to: User  / My Pictures / Screenshots. In this folder you'll find all the screenshot you've made.

These captures are saved in. PNG, named Screenshot (x), where x is the number of screenshots made​​.


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