Saturday, February 15, 2014

Semen makes women happy

In an investigation it was found that the women who have contact with the semen often become depressed less than those who use a condom.

Researchers spread in the magazine New Scientist that semen is likely to make women happy, this statement significantly damages campaigns promoting condom use.
They came to this conclusion after studying two groups of couples did not use one condom in sexual relations and another group who had sex with protection.
It was observed that women who have direct contact with seminal fluid were less depressed. Although it is still an assumption that researchers think this is because the hormones in semen and changing moods these are absorbed into the vagina. 
And although it may appear to be a barrier to use a condom, specialist from the State University of New York Gordon Gallup said that it was not intended to discourage sex with condom use. Because there are two particular factors to take into account in deciding to use protection one are sexually transmitted diseases and other are the unwanted pregnancies.
To reach this result made a study called Beck Depression Inventory where 293 women made them a questionnaire on levels of humor.
All forms of the study is causing great controversy.

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