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Designed the first electric car fully recyclable

The European consortium EcoShell seeks to produce the first electric car fully recyclable. According to the CSIC, the project participant entity, the use of biomaterials allow this vehicle to be very lightweight and have low power consumption.
The Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has announced its participation in the EcoShell international project that aims to build the first electric car from recyclable biomaterials. This innovative vehicle will be built from pieces of natural origin, such as natural fibers and bio-resinas.Los biomaterials used in the design of this recyclable electric car are also very lightweight, and its composition varies between bio polyurethane, epoxy resin bio and flax. José Ignacio Robla Scientist, National Centre for Metallurgical Research, says that the first electric car is a prototype for now, but will manufacture medium term thanks to the construction of these biomaterials.
EcoShell is a European consortium further wherein the CSIC, participating companies and institutions in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland and Germany. This car will be a first electric utility vehicle about 400 kilograms, and its consumption is quite low (due in part to the lightweight materials that would be used in its construction). According to Spanish investigators, the first electric car could be a good alternative for mobility in future cities.

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Critical applications that can not miss in your new Android

Applications there for everyone and for all occasions, Bitelia did a review of categories of applications that can not miss in your Android device this season.
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December is a favorite of those looking for excuses to spend money on new gadgets month. The wallets of technology lovers always suffer whenever a new toy appears to covet. If you're going to take advantage of holiday deals to spend much money on the electronics store and plan to buy a smartphone or tablet with Android, in this post we help you get the most out by installing the best apps.
Although the Play Store has applications to launch at the ceiling, not everything is quality and perform generic searches can end  offering more than regrettable alternative in the top results,the search function in Google Play is ironically bad enough, and if you're not familiar with the applications in Android, or is your first device to feature Google's operating system may find yourself a bit lost .
To help a bit to take your first steps, we tell you what these essential apps you should install on your newly acquired Android.

Instant Messaging

These are definitely the first applications that you want to install, unless you're one of those prehistoric beings who communicate mainly via SMS or ordinary calls, you'll want a good application and the most popular services, ie those likely and have all your friends and family are:
  • WhatsApp: is the most popular service of this kind, and although it is less secure than a broken condom does not stop their growth.
  • Line:Naver is the main competitor of WhatsApp
    does not have the terrible security flaws of this.
  • BBM: BlackBerry Messenger, the only good thing remains of this ruined company. The popular messaging application for RIM devices, came to Android later this year, and has had great adoption. It has always been known for being a robust and secure system, the application is very good and deserves more than an opportunity.
  • Facebook Messenger
    Is the instant messaging application on Facebook, has been improving by leaps and bounds and happened to be one of the best Android apps for 2013, thanks to its beautiful and elegant design, the innovative nature of their system of bubbles and of course, being the easiest way to communicate with with friends on the biggest social network that exists.

Social networks

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  •  Twitter this network has added many improvements to its official application for the year. If you are using the social network of the birdies, you need Twitter for Android.
  • Facebook is not exactly the best application in the world, but lets you enjoy all this social network that many are addicted, from the comfort of your smartphone.
  • Linkedin this has its official application for Android, boasts an excellent design, and is very complete. It is a must in your list of applications if you are using this social network oriented labor relations.

Productivity and task management


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  • Evernoteis one of the best applications available for taking notes either writing, making lists, or capture pages or snippets of information from the Internet. The Android app lets you even make fabulous things like taking photos of text documents to later edit its contents.
  • WunderlistIt is the best application for you to make lists. The application has gradually evolved into a great tool for taking and sharing notes, manage tasks and organize.
  • TrelloIt is a great application for managing tasks, specially designed for teamwork. If you want something to help you organize your projects and allows the inclusion of several partners, there is no better choice.

News and reading

  • Pocket It is an application that allows you to save any article, video from Internet and then read it in text format. It is one of those applications that once the tests, you can not continue your life without.  
  • Flipboard It is a fantastic and beautiful reading application contents that offers integration with social networks. Flipboard collects some of the most important publications of the network in a beautiful digital magazine format, has access to multiple sources of news, and the reading experience is one of the best that can be had from an electronic device.
  • Feedly It could be considered the heir to Google Reader is a feed reader that has many social functions, has a very attractive interface and with recommendations from relevant sources that generate content in multiple languages.

Music and vídeo

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  • Spotify is one of the best streaming music services that are available today. Its official app for Android is great, and we can now use unlimited free.
  • DoubleTwist is one of the best music players for Android, a tool if you want to play your local content, or even to make airplay from your computer, DoubleTwist has accompanying applications for Windows and Mac
  • YouTube is a a must in any device, Google has put enough effort into making the application for Android one of the best, and gradually approaches its target.
  • VLC
    One of the most popular video players on all desktop operating systems, has its official application for Android, which although still in beta, is still one of the best alternatives for playing local video files. If you want to watch a movie or series that you saved on your tablet, VLC is best. It supports many video formats that only lacks read minds.
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Having sex makes us smarter: Study

Good news for ardent, if we knew that sex helps to burn calories, keep fit and reduce stress, now we know makes us smarter, thanks to a recent study conducted by the University of Maryland (USA .).
Although it may sound a little elaborate strategy to take us to our girlfriend or boyfriend to bed, the results of tests performed in mice demonstrated. Tests revealed that increases sex practice creating neurons in the hippocampus, a brain area responsible for long term memorable. By contrast, when rodents stopped having sex decreased intelligence.

"We found that although there has been a production of neurons, cognitive skills acquired during the experiment decreased after mice were subjected to long periods of sexual inactivity," says research psychologist.
In addition, tests on adult mice showed that repeated sexual experience rejuvenates the brain as it promotes adult neurogenesis (creation of neurons) and restore cognitive function, as long as the experience persists throughout the trial period. The extent to which changes in adult neurogenesis underlie cognition are another matter and remain unknown.
Another study from South Korea Konkuk University adds one more fact and that is that this sexual activity, to promote the development of neurons and combat the harmful effects of stress to our brain, which influences (much) in inhibiting the creation of new neurons.
But: another study of the German University of Duisburg-Essen shows that viewing pornography can damage the brain, as it can interfere with the memory of the people, especially its multitasking ability. Apparently, sexual arousal during sex on the Internet might interfere with the capacity of our working memory, resulting in an oversight to discern the most relevant environmental information and therefore makes us make bad decisions.

That said, it is clear what to do: sex all the time and less masturbation on the Internet, our neurons to multiply and conquer our head. It's about time that the residences of college students carnal relations are promoted to reach the exam time with really big brain.
Sexual experience restores age-related decline in adult neurogenesis and hippocampal function
Pornographic picture processing interferes with working memory performance


"Sex is part of nature. And I am in harmony with it. "

Marilyn Monroe

"An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex"

Aldous Huxley

"Sex is emotion in motion"

Mae West

"The answer is in love, but while waiting for the answer, sex triggers some good questions"

Woody Allen

"Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages, between the sheets"

Andy Warhol

"Sex in America is an obsession, in other parts of the world, a fact"

Marlene Dietrich

"I remember the first time I had sex. And I still have the recipe "

Groucho Marx

Friday, March 14, 2014

America Eye doctors warn of increased cases of strabismus with Google Glass

They have not even been presented and increasing criticism of the new invention of the firm.The National Academy of Opticianry, in collaboration with the University of Wichita (Kansas), has unveiled its latest study on alarming information to the interests of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the last routine health surveillance which have been taken against workers who have tested the Google Glass in recent months, has proven to be impossible to stop looking at the screen, in the upper right corner of the lens, has finally straying eyes.So much so that many of them have shown the first signs of strabismus. Without going any further, Sergey Brin himself. The founder of the company that in recent times there has not been separated from his glasses even tried to mislead doctors to overcome the trials to which he was subjected. "I see well," claimed Brin doctors who attended him. "How many fingers am I holding?" Asked the doctor and businessman of Russian origin replied "five", when the specialist had not even placed his hand at the sight of flamboyant millionaire.

Apparently, warns Dr. Sigmund Hibbert, the College of Opticians of California, "the inability to stop looking at the screen is causing the orbits of the eyes of many patients to perform movements independently, so you can control what happens in reality without losing detail showing that the glasses. ""This is a very serious situation," assured the Doctor Hibbert, who also notes that "we will not know what will happen in the case of patients already suffering squint, maybe help them overcome their problem."
Reactions to the news not long in coming. The first to speak was Marujita Diaz. The Spanish actress, who has the ability to move their eyes independently, has been pleased that, at last, that strange and useless his skill will serve for something. "I had been waiting for many years," he says. "I have already placed an order for 40 or 50 glasses in order to mount an academy that allows people to do what I do," he told the Spanish singing star.
Dionisio Martín Rodríguez, popularly known as "El Dioni 'nothing else the news has referred to it in his Twitter account. "Now everyone will know what we've gone over many many years," he said in one of his tweets. "So much they were laughing at me ... Who laughs last laughs best!" He noted. "Although they have fucked up me, because they have put the screen in the right eye that I have well." 
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Quote: Work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?
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Are you Shy? Anomo social network is ideal for you

Anomo is a social network which began in February this year. Although only has 4,500 active users per day on average, is growing at a rate of 500% monthly. It is a social network a little different from the others by the support provided to users and the tendency of these to remain hidden.
Initially Anomo was an application for Android and iOS that search contacts for possible appointments breaking the ice between two people answering random surveys targeting groups. If two people had similar answers then they came in contact.
However, after taking the first two million responses, James Sun, creator of Anomo decided to subject them to psychologists, finding that 85% of users were shy or introverted. This led us to create a new concept of social relationship that ended in turning the app on social network.
In this network does not deprive anonymity itself, rather the mechanics is that it allows the user to maintain a "mask" while the other person knows, so that your shyness is not negative in their relationship. This no photos but rather profile avatars or exact age but rather ranges specified are used.
Thus this network is an excellent space for introverts enjoy their own space on the net. The advantages of Anomo is that the percentage of complaints of trolls has been minimalas well as the negative comments. In fact, the community came to prevent the suicide of a user to retract all the outpouring of support shown.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is Deep Web?

Under the net all day we navigate, there is a giant spiderweb bigger than we can imagine unseen webs: the Deep Web.
Recently, terms such as proxy, anonymous surfing, VPN, Tor, etc., Have begun to emerge in the conversations of ordinary people more often than normal. Usually, and most of the lifetime of the Internet, the great bulk of network users never worried about these things.
The average user simply open your browser, search Google and check your social networks. But in view of all that has come to light in recent years, the government and spyware PRISM, companies that provide services to almost all use dedicated to collect our data and sell to the highest bidder, censorship around the world and blocking access to information to citizens in countries with political crises situations, people increasingly soaks more than the knowledge necessary to protect your identity, skip censorship and discover the other layers of the web.


Although it may be hard to believe, to the point that for many it is an urban legend, the Deep Web or deep Internet (Deepnet, Hidden web, web Invisible) include the vast majority of Internet. The Deep Web is the content of the World Wide Web that is not part of the Web Surface, ie not part of sites that can be indexed by search engines and that any user can access from a current browser.
While few studies, one of the most recent done by the University of California estimated that the Deep Web consists of about 7.5 petabytes (one petabyte is 1000 terabytes). According to similar studies,  the web that we all know (Facebook, Wikipedia, blogs, etc..) Consists of less than 1% of all Internet.

The concept is simple yet confusing, but comparisons of the web are made with the sea. On the surface of the sea are the search engines, which list the sites that have links between them, static pages such as this blog. That is the area of the ocean that we can "surf". Deeper are databases. When asked a question to a database, it generates a single page that is not indexed in the search engines and therefore not part of the Surface Web.
Academic publications such as private journals, are not part of the surface, as they are hidden in individual pages within private networks, such as those downloaded the deceased and Aaron Swartz for which he was jailed and prosecuted. Many are well hidden because they are part of an Intranet, usually corporations or universities.


Further below, in the depths of the sea, lies the Tor network, darkest part of the network. This consists of a series of secret web sites whose addresses end in. Onion, and require specialized software to access. This software is known as Tor. Many people use it for anonymous access to your network, and encrypts the content passing through it.
Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that protects user communications by bouncing inside a huge network maintained by volunteers around the world, was originally designed as a project routing Naval Research Laboratory of the United States in order to protect government communications.
The Deep Web is not a toy, and the darkness that surrounds it has made it the niche where the worst possible things: sales of illicit drugs, pornography, weapons, and even murderers for hire. It is said that the Deep Web do not surf, diving. You do not have engines, but some reference sites to start your search as the Hidden Wiki, and you must be very careful what you are looking for, then you may find something you do not want to see or something that others do not want you to see.

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Forgot Your Cell? Care Might be victim of nomofobia.

Do not hold back, if you do not have this disease the you're very outdated  I speak of the nomofobia, irrational fear of not bringing up the mobile phone, is the last of the diseases caused by new technologies.
The term was coined in the English No Mobile Phone and refers to the behavioral changes that occur to the person to leave and realize you do not have your phone. Some of these changes include irritability, aggression, difficulty concentrating, among others.
Preliminary studies have found that this syndrome affects approximately 53% of mobile phone users.
But it seems that men are weaker in this aspect as it affects 43% while in women the percentage is higher, approximately 48% percent.

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10 Surprise Eggs Unboxing Kinder Surprise

In this video they show the toys that contain multiple kinder surprise. I like so I share

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Cons consumption of refined sugar

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How harmful can it be? One of the main questions go through not only those foods that contain large amounts of sugar, fat and calories also add that the body does not need.
Much has been said about the quality of foods that contain sugar, the food industry adds this white ingredient to add flavor, plus hundreds of calories the body does not need.

Sugary foods are attractive, drinks, cakes, cookies, candy, coffee, among others, are more sugar than other ingredients, as they provide the pleasurable feeling of immediate well-being thanks to the large amount of pure sucrose containing, as in the refining process has lost much of its nutrients.
On the BBC website a video explaining how sugar worries much of the scientific community, who consider this additive as a path to obesity is exposed;
foods high in sugar also carry large amounts of fats and ingredients that add calories. Cancer, heart problems and diabetes are among the diseases that usually brings to consume such foods become more common and affordable.

For its part, the World Health Organization, WHO recommends that daily sugar intake does not exceed 5%, ie 6 tablespoons small measures for adult people with normal body mass index. Such action is related to the present in fruit juices sugar, honey, syrups, and those foods with added sugar, such as a can of soda contains 40 grams (10 teaspoons). A recommendation that seeks to reduce the chances of contracting serious illnesses product of excessive intake of this ingredient.
Some argue that sugar consumption is related to alcohol or cigarettes in how addiction causes in people who can not put it aside, or try another way to sweeten coffee in the morning. In addition, the cons are the amounts of this element in foods consumed daily, reducing intake of healthy food. A reality that concerned when children who usually seek reward in full of this white sweet ingredient. If you have high levels of sugar, there are several foods that help reduce and, believe it or not, marijuana adds another benefit to health, as the reducing agent from the blood, as noted by a recent scientific research.
As carbohydrate intake is judged, sugar is another ingredient that has been in the discussion of the academy, and those consumed daily in various preparations. Finally, the conclusion is similar to other questionable foods: eat sparingly, switch to healthy living and exercise should not affect the minimum daily consumption. A balanced diet is the answer to many of the concerns about health and sugar intake, but how much of our diet is balanced?
Start changing the way you sweeten coffee or tea in the morning, use honey or stevia and start achieving minimal changes. Getting to a healthy diet is a decision. Finding and clicking is a personal attitude.
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The political illiterate

The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn't hear, doesn't speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn't know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn't know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies. Bertold Brecht

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What are trolls / haters?

The troll concept applies to that user making comments on blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.. in an inappropriate manner. This covers a wide range of behaviors, from commenting on various issues to the topic of the post, to use insulting the blog author or other commenters or simply comment provocatively. This type of user can be found on the Internet in general, not just blogs.
Alternatively, in some specific contexts, such as Youtube, hater word is often used to refer to this type of user. It would be the same type of user, with an even clearer name. In these contexts the troll can mean something different to troll blogs. A troll on Youtube (or in other contexts, such as online games) can refer to the user who plays tricks, does not have a negative connotation but rather sympathetic.

One of the things taught to quickly recognize internet is between someone who wants a healthy conversation with conflicting views of someone who just wants to troll.


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More dangers of packaged food:

A study warns of long-term risks of modern packaging of foodstuffs we eat.

In polycarbonate bottles can be found bisphenol-A. Source: Wikipedia.
According to a study the chemicals used in packaging, storage and processed food could be harmful to the long-term health. This because of the substances used are not inert and may end up going to eventually eat the food.
Although these substances are regulated, people who eat packaged or processed food are chronically exposed to low levels of these compounds throughout their lives. Furthermore, little is known of the impact this may have on critical stages of human development, such as in pregnancy.
The authors of the study suggest that exposure to food in contact with them is a source of concern for several reasons. Contaminants is formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer but its use is legal. Even at low levels, this compound is widely present in the bottles from plastic cutlery and plates of melanin.
Other compounds present fall into the category of hormonal disruptors as bisphenol A, tributilín, triclosan or flalatos. The number of these substances exceeds 4000.
Nevertheless the effect of these substances is in political debate and fight to meet the needs of stakeholders, consumers remain exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis, most of the time without being aware of it.
And what's more, the potential ability to cause cell damage by these substances, particularly those capable of altering the hormonal behavior is not taken into account when routine toxicology tests are performed. This, according to the authors, casts serious doubts on what that may be suitable regulatory procedures.
Allowed to establish a cause and effect as a result of prolonged exposure to these substances is a difficult task, mainly because there is no part of the population that has not been exposed with which to compare. In addition, it is likely that there are significant differences in exposure levels between individuals.
However, they claim to be an urgent eye on the matter to determine possible connections between food contact with these chemicals and chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, neurological disorders, inflammatory disorders and cancer, especially given the known role demisting by environmental pollutants.
"Like most of the food is packaged and the entire population is exposed is important gaps in the knowledge we have about it are quickly eliminated," they conclude.

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Facebook, Zuckerberg's sister encourages children to read more and use less social networks

Who needs this kind of brothers?
Randi Zuckerberg, sister of the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is about to bring out a children's book in the U.S. which encourages children to disconnect all your gadgets including laptops, tablets and smartphones, leaving
social  networks like Facebook, twitter, google+ and return to the "analog" games, outdoor fun and read books. Books like 'Dot', whose protagonist is a child of two years and a clear inclination moralizing.
It is not known if there will even liked the book to his powerful brother, but we suspect it
cartoon can do little damage to his humble fortune 13,300 million. In addition, Randi Zuckerberg does not profile as a fierce neo-Luddite (enemy of technology), but rather a slight sketches social critique of the abusive use of technology by children. And vice versa.


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Quote: "Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners." Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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