Friday, March 14, 2014

America Eye doctors warn of increased cases of strabismus with Google Glass

They have not even been presented and increasing criticism of the new invention of the firm.The National Academy of Opticianry, in collaboration with the University of Wichita (Kansas), has unveiled its latest study on alarming information to the interests of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the last routine health surveillance which have been taken against workers who have tested the Google Glass in recent months, has proven to be impossible to stop looking at the screen, in the upper right corner of the lens, has finally straying eyes.So much so that many of them have shown the first signs of strabismus. Without going any further, Sergey Brin himself. The founder of the company that in recent times there has not been separated from his glasses even tried to mislead doctors to overcome the trials to which he was subjected. "I see well," claimed Brin doctors who attended him. "How many fingers am I holding?" Asked the doctor and businessman of Russian origin replied "five", when the specialist had not even placed his hand at the sight of flamboyant millionaire.

Apparently, warns Dr. Sigmund Hibbert, the College of Opticians of California, "the inability to stop looking at the screen is causing the orbits of the eyes of many patients to perform movements independently, so you can control what happens in reality without losing detail showing that the glasses. ""This is a very serious situation," assured the Doctor Hibbert, who also notes that "we will not know what will happen in the case of patients already suffering squint, maybe help them overcome their problem."
Reactions to the news not long in coming. The first to speak was Marujita Diaz. The Spanish actress, who has the ability to move their eyes independently, has been pleased that, at last, that strange and useless his skill will serve for something. "I had been waiting for many years," he says. "I have already placed an order for 40 or 50 glasses in order to mount an academy that allows people to do what I do," he told the Spanish singing star.
Dionisio Martín Rodríguez, popularly known as "El Dioni 'nothing else the news has referred to it in his Twitter account. "Now everyone will know what we've gone over many many years," he said in one of his tweets. "So much they were laughing at me ... Who laughs last laughs best!" He noted. "Although they have fucked up me, because they have put the screen in the right eye that I have well." 
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