Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are you Shy? Anomo social network is ideal for you

Anomo is a social network which began in February this year. Although only has 4,500 active users per day on average, is growing at a rate of 500% monthly. It is a social network a little different from the others by the support provided to users and the tendency of these to remain hidden.
Initially Anomo was an application for Android and iOS that search contacts for possible appointments breaking the ice between two people answering random surveys targeting groups. If two people had similar answers then they came in contact.
However, after taking the first two million responses, James Sun, creator of Anomo decided to subject them to psychologists, finding that 85% of users were shy or introverted. This led us to create a new concept of social relationship that ended in turning the app on social network.
In this network does not deprive anonymity itself, rather the mechanics is that it allows the user to maintain a "mask" while the other person knows, so that your shyness is not negative in their relationship. This no photos but rather profile avatars or exact age but rather ranges specified are used.
Thus this network is an excellent space for introverts enjoy their own space on the net. The advantages of Anomo is that the percentage of complaints of trolls has been minimalas well as the negative comments. In fact, the community came to prevent the suicide of a user to retract all the outpouring of support shown.

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