Sunday, March 30, 2014

Designed the first electric car fully recyclable

The European consortium EcoShell seeks to produce the first electric car fully recyclable. According to the CSIC, the project participant entity, the use of biomaterials allow this vehicle to be very lightweight and have low power consumption.
The Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has announced its participation in the EcoShell international project that aims to build the first electric car from recyclable biomaterials. This innovative vehicle will be built from pieces of natural origin, such as natural fibers and bio-resinas.Los biomaterials used in the design of this recyclable electric car are also very lightweight, and its composition varies between bio polyurethane, epoxy resin bio and flax. José Ignacio Robla Scientist, National Centre for Metallurgical Research, says that the first electric car is a prototype for now, but will manufacture medium term thanks to the construction of these biomaterials.
EcoShell is a European consortium further wherein the CSIC, participating companies and institutions in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland and Germany. This car will be a first electric utility vehicle about 400 kilograms, and its consumption is quite low (due in part to the lightweight materials that would be used in its construction). According to Spanish investigators, the first electric car could be a good alternative for mobility in future cities.

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