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Critical applications that can not miss in your new Android

Applications there for everyone and for all occasions, Bitelia did a review of categories of applications that can not miss in your Android device this season.
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December is a favorite of those looking for excuses to spend money on new gadgets month. The wallets of technology lovers always suffer whenever a new toy appears to covet. If you're going to take advantage of holiday deals to spend much money on the electronics store and plan to buy a smartphone or tablet with Android, in this post we help you get the most out by installing the best apps.
Although the Play Store has applications to launch at the ceiling, not everything is quality and perform generic searches can end  offering more than regrettable alternative in the top results,the search function in Google Play is ironically bad enough, and if you're not familiar with the applications in Android, or is your first device to feature Google's operating system may find yourself a bit lost .
To help a bit to take your first steps, we tell you what these essential apps you should install on your newly acquired Android.

Instant Messaging

These are definitely the first applications that you want to install, unless you're one of those prehistoric beings who communicate mainly via SMS or ordinary calls, you'll want a good application and the most popular services, ie those likely and have all your friends and family are:
  • WhatsApp: is the most popular service of this kind, and although it is less secure than a broken condom does not stop their growth.
  • Line:Naver is the main competitor of WhatsApp
    does not have the terrible security flaws of this.
  • BBM: BlackBerry Messenger, the only good thing remains of this ruined company. The popular messaging application for RIM devices, came to Android later this year, and has had great adoption. It has always been known for being a robust and secure system, the application is very good and deserves more than an opportunity.
  • Facebook Messenger
    Is the instant messaging application on Facebook, has been improving by leaps and bounds and happened to be one of the best Android apps for 2013, thanks to its beautiful and elegant design, the innovative nature of their system of bubbles and of course, being the easiest way to communicate with with friends on the biggest social network that exists.

Social networks

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  •  Twitter this network has added many improvements to its official application for the year. If you are using the social network of the birdies, you need Twitter for Android.
  • Facebook is not exactly the best application in the world, but lets you enjoy all this social network that many are addicted, from the comfort of your smartphone.
  • Linkedin this has its official application for Android, boasts an excellent design, and is very complete. It is a must in your list of applications if you are using this social network oriented labor relations.

Productivity and task management


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  • Evernoteis one of the best applications available for taking notes either writing, making lists, or capture pages or snippets of information from the Internet. The Android app lets you even make fabulous things like taking photos of text documents to later edit its contents.
  • WunderlistIt is the best application for you to make lists. The application has gradually evolved into a great tool for taking and sharing notes, manage tasks and organize.
  • TrelloIt is a great application for managing tasks, specially designed for teamwork. If you want something to help you organize your projects and allows the inclusion of several partners, there is no better choice.

News and reading

  • Pocket It is an application that allows you to save any article, video from Internet and then read it in text format. It is one of those applications that once the tests, you can not continue your life without.  
  • Flipboard It is a fantastic and beautiful reading application contents that offers integration with social networks. Flipboard collects some of the most important publications of the network in a beautiful digital magazine format, has access to multiple sources of news, and the reading experience is one of the best that can be had from an electronic device.
  • Feedly It could be considered the heir to Google Reader is a feed reader that has many social functions, has a very attractive interface and with recommendations from relevant sources that generate content in multiple languages.

Music and vídeo

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  • Spotify is one of the best streaming music services that are available today. Its official app for Android is great, and we can now use unlimited free.
  • DoubleTwist is one of the best music players for Android, a tool if you want to play your local content, or even to make airplay from your computer, DoubleTwist has accompanying applications for Windows and Mac
  • YouTube is a a must in any device, Google has put enough effort into making the application for Android one of the best, and gradually approaches its target.
  • VLC
    One of the most popular video players on all desktop operating systems, has its official application for Android, which although still in beta, is still one of the best alternatives for playing local video files. If you want to watch a movie or series that you saved on your tablet, VLC is best. It supports many video formats that only lacks read minds.
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