Monday, February 24, 2014

Half human, half machine: how we are useless without our gadgets?

If a machine you can do for you, you probably forget how do it yourself. While more intelligent are computers, more stupid seem to make us humans.
It's amazing how in a relatively short time we have become the most dependent generation of machines and less of their own senses and instincts. Currently me is almost impossible to remember how the hell could people be in a predetermined place and time before the existence cell phones, how did they know where to meet?. Do people were sought with cries?.
It's been just over 10 years since I had my first cell phone, before that memory when I had a paper planner where I kept the phone numbers of my friends and family, the funny thing is that I only had to "play "with it, because every time I bought a new I wrote all the numbers from my memory. At the moment I am unable to learn the new issue of my partner because I changed about 4 months ago.
We adapt both the amenities and facilities that provides the technology that we basically learn to defend ourselves and instead we merged with a device.
Clear signs that we depend too much on technology
People being thrown into the sea with his vehicle because the GPS told him to continue for 500 meters.
Nobody remembers a phone number, if you forget your smartphone gives you an anxiety attack that can reach the panic. If the Internet signal falls, the work is finished for the day, and your gadgets are basically expensive paperweight. You move to a new city, you spend 6 months and still do not remember any direction because that is Google Maps.
 "We have failed to learn how to defend ourselves to merge with a device."
It is a mystery why half of apocalyptic movies include zombies and half a technological blackout where all electronic die, disappear Internet and planes falling from the sky.
Some people fear that robots "future" start replacing human labor in the fields, but many humans are happy to let their machines do all the work for them, not realizing that the reason will be replaced is because we can not do anything. 
On a desert island with Kindle
We all love the comfort, technology in high doses makes us addicts. Honestly I do not like living in a world different from this, and imagine being stripped of all my electronic toys and constant connectivity generate me tremendous anxiety. What makes me think a little and think about the terrible situation he would find me if for some greater reason could not access them.
"An artificial brain that is only available if there is a power outlet and a WiFi connection."
In a desert island of a Kindle battery company give you a book for 4 or 5 days, then you only need the solitude of an apparatus with which you can not do a campfire.
Computers have become a sort of memory expansion of our brain, there is so much information available all the time in seconds that saturate us, that we do not retain knowledge for more than a few minutes or hours, because we know we are "saved in another hand ", always accessible from your artificial brain. An alternate mind that is only available if there is a power outlet and a WiFi connection.
Offline we are increasingly empty bags.
 Phrase: "Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners." Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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