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How to prevent splashing soda after shaking

Many times have we lost since opening a can of soda that has been dropped or has been shaken by some joker behind us. Well there is a simple trick to avoid these violent splashing: give some finishing touches with finger on the edge of the can. We explain why this simple solution works.
Carbonated water, also known as soda, is water containing carbonic acid (H2CO3) which, being unstable, is easily decomposed into water and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is in the form of bubbles as the beverage is depressurized.

If the can vigorously move, what we are doing is introducing a lot of high pressure bubbles inside the liquid and dissolved gas can vaporize more easily joining these new bubbles.
It is these bubbles arising from the agitation which offer a fast escape route for the gas, which tend to rise upwards to leave the liquid is entrapped by the top of the container.
However, other than these bubbles are anchored around the can and, more importantly, below the liquid surface, since the energy needed for these bubbles are formed is lower in the walls of the can.
In short, if we shake a lot of bubbles on the walls of the can are at very high pressure.
When you open and release pressure with these soft drinks are produced these bubbles expand and escape immediately, pushing their way in the liquid surrounding them, that shoots.
So the solution is as simple as ...
1: Wait for some time that these bubbles are re-dissolved in the liquid or ...
2: Give a little pat on the can with your fingers, around your outline to make those gas bubbles anchored abandon their position around the can.
No matter where the can touch, you can even make the top, as long as are given enough touches to release bubbles of the contours of the container to the top, to be the first to go after depressurization without pushing the liquid with them.
The force of touches? Should be gently, as if we do percussion sounds with our fingers, but not strong enough to shake the can and create more new bubbles.
We recommend to try this trick first in a transparent container (water with gas, for example) to make sure that the bubbles have left as many as possible in the outline of the package.
And always look away when done, the effect may vary by the type of beverage and concrete production, as some tend to foam bubbles on the surface and also carry some liquid coming out.

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