Saturday, November 26, 2011

PowerPoint animations

Hi guys today i going to share few concepts about how to add animation to PowerPoint presentations.
You can control how objects move on your PowerPoint slides. In this tutorial I explain how to make effect transitions from one slide to the next and make object animations.
In PowerPoint you can to create the following types of animations.
  • Emphasis effect does something to draw attention to an object slide.
  • Entrance animation control the way in which an object appears onto a slide.
  • Exit animation allows us control which an object leaves a slide.
  • Motion path control how the object moves around a slide.
If you add an animation, you can modify properties on the custom animation pane. The animation pane has many options available.

Add animation to a slide step by step. Click on tab animation.

Select a slide where is the object. In example slide one.

In this example we will go to highlight “Distinguished lawyer” on first slide.
Go to animations tab and
Click the custom animation button.

The custom animation pane appears. Click the add effect drop-down list.
Click on add effect button. Click on entrance and you can see options available (blind, box, checkerboard, and so on).
Click on some affects and sees the preview on your slide.
    For instance select entrance and box effect.
If you want modify the effect, click the dropdown arrow beside of the categories –
Start here you can choose, on click, with previous or after previous effect.
Direction Options vary depending on effect chosen. In this case are in or out.
Speed you can modify this option from slow to fast.
I suggest you to try all available options and see the effects. You can get the example file in this link: lawyer


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