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How to Accelerate Internet Connection and Download


  • Activities searching, downloading, uploading and other activities on the internet is very related to your internet connection. how not, with a slow connection, I'm sure you would not like / lost comfort while continuing your online habits, especially for bloggers who like to download and certainly keenly felt tired because of long download time and slow connection. For those of you who have a problem discussed previously, the following step-how to accelerate the download speed as well as searching on the internet.

    Speed ​​up Internet Browsing Connection
    Basically this is just an attempt optimization tips and additional power connections only, the rest depends on the package you take the internet, the following tips:

    1. PC Health Check
    Check your pc health is also very important to increase your connection. Why? Simple viruses, spyware, adware, malware and its allies 80% will disrupt your internet connection because they also use it to spread the virus to other computers so natural that you'll slow internet! Solution is to install an antivirus that you see fit with PC specs you, for example: Bitdefender Total Security, Norton 360 Premier, Kaspersky PURE, ESET NOD32 Smart Securtiy, and so on. Remember, do not forget to update it continues to be increasingly shunned by the viruses.

    2. Install Tool and Software Optimization Internet Connection
    In the virtual world, many software developers who aim to optimize your connection, ping power of the addition, optimization of the Internet, making the Internet to another (hacking internet access / netcutting). I only discuss the optimization of internet hacking white without taking the rights of others. The solution is, use tools such as Agasta, Speed ​​Conect, and others.

    3. Change DNS Internet
    Internet control is a very important element especially in accelerating browsing and downloading, internet concept: The more you use the DNS is getting weaker "ping" is, the fewer the users, the faster internet service offered by the provider connection especially usb modem provider. The solution is to change the DNS that can accommodate many users, so that the "ping" produced more stable, the following list is:
    • Google Public DNS -
    • ScrubtIt DNS -
    • Open DNS -
    Guidelines and How to change DNS:

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    1. Search the internet connection on your taskbar
    2. Right-click and select "Open network and sharing center"
    3. Select "Local area connection"
    4. Select Properties, Double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4"
    5. Change DNS numbernya suit your tastes!
  • 4. Tweaking the Windows Registry
    Press the "Windows + R" then typing in windows windows run "regedit"
    Search address:
    "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / Current ControlSet / services / Tcpip / ServiceProvider"
    ServiceProvider directory change the following values:
    • DnsPriority = 1
    • HostsPriority = 1
    • LocalPriority = 1
    • NetbtPriority = 1
    • Restart the computer
    5. Set Bandwidth in Windows
    • Start -> Run
    • Type "gpedit.msc" -> OK
    • In Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates select
    • Click Network -> QoS Packet Scheduler
    • In the right window, double-click the limit reservable bandwidth
    • Change the setting to be enabled
    • Change the bandwidth limit to 0 (zero), OK

    6. Using a wakeup
    • Run wakeup.exe
    • Replace timenya with 30 sec (though internet connection ngak dashed)
    • Klick apply. If you want to hide it so as not to interfere with the view J

    Speeding Speed ​​Download
    1. Install Internet Downloader (IDM) 2. Setting settings with IDM 2 ways: - Install IDM Optimizer
    2. Search tab download => Speed ​​Limiter => Settings
    3. Then in the "Maximum download speed for one file" fill in the numbers in the box is "1000000" and then click "ok"
    4. Then select the "option"
    5. Find the tab "Connection"
    6. Select "Default max conn number", select the number "16" (by default it will choose 8)
    7. Click "ok"
    good luck...;)

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