Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Remove Deadlinks From Your Bookmarks Using Free Software


How to detect and remove broken links bookmarks from browsers?

After sometimes, some of your favorites bookmarks may contain broken links if pages or websites are no longer available. In this case, a little cleaning is required. Of course it will take a times to remove it manually test it and delete broken links one by one.

Fortunately AM-DeadLink program for Windows can take the job and perform this task easily. Download the software from the official site, then install the programs on your computer.
Remove broken links processDouble click on AM-Deadlink executable file then follow the install direction :

Choose your language and click “OK” Scroll down the list at the top left side and select your browser:

Note: It is also possible to select a backup file (csv, html) containing your favorites. Then click green button to Check bookmarks

AM-DeadLink then test each link from your bookmarks. At the end of the audit, click “Sort bookmarks error into top of the list” for better visibility. Bookmarks pointing to a link unavailable appear in red with a 404 error. To delete them, select them and click the Delete button confirm by clicking “Yes”:

Here now outdated favorite bookmark are deleted from your browser. AM-Deadlinks also have the ability to detect and remove duplicates in your bookmarks.

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