Monday, January 6, 2014

Best Apps Available For Making Free Calls For Android Platform

In this modern technological world, there are so many enhancements taking place due to number of enhanced technologies in every field. There is a presence of useful apps for different operating system platforms. Apps are supporting you in such a way that these reduce the overall cost and save you large amounts of money. With these apps, you can get your job done in an easier way. You can avail free apps for your Android devices for banking transactions, booking of tickets for travel tours and movie, reading news and watching videos. There are many apps available by which you can make video and voice calls free of cost. There are some free apps for your Android platforms, mentioned below:
1. Skype
The most famous IM and VOIP software on the conventional PCs is the Skype. It has built inroads into mobile area and maintained its existence in old charm. This app is available for almost all types of different mobile platforms around the world. With this app, an Android consumer can make calls to the iPhone consumer on Skype. For enhancing the mobile experience, this app provides video messaging, video or voice call, instant messaging and image sharing with other consumers on Skype.
2. Yahoo! Messenger app
The official Yahoo messenger app is one of the best apps for video calling for your Android platforms. This app works around numerous devices and platforms. You can also connect with Windows Live and Facebook friends and chat with them right from this app. It also permits the users from sending messages to phone numbers either local or international for free of cost.
3.  Google Hangouts
You can convert your old moments on Google Talk, PCs with the Google Hangouts. This app is improved for mobile devices and platforms. Hangouts provide one on one and grouping conversations in your life with emoji, video calls and images free of cost. It comes to all main platforms that includes Windows Phone, Ios and Android. With the Hangouts, anyone can turn any of their conversations to video calls with at least 10 friends. It stays in synchronization around devices in order to start and stop them anywhere. When anyone begins a new Hangout, anyone can detect you with green icons.
4.  Tango
Tango permits users for connecting with family and friends or making new friends in an easy and fast manner. You can make voice and video calls, play games, send text messages and many more free of cost. This app can be considered as one of the best social networking apps which permits you for communicating and interacting with anyone in any of the methods, you wish.
5.  ooVoo app
ooVoo app permits you for making multi-streaming video calls at least with 12 friends at one time. There are a 75 million users available that are using this app for video calling service. This app adjusts video calls for matching your internet connection speed to keep talking without any interruptions even in the case of network failure. You can also show video status messages to your contacts list friends.
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